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How much is the Viva footbed worth?

Feedback from satisfied users shows how valuable the Viva is to them. From "feel good" to "more enduring running" to "pain-free walking" the statements range. Here we take a look behind the scenes at why the Viva is so comfortable and manages to turn everyday shoes into comfortable
feel-good shoes.

New logo for the traditional company

In dialogue with our customers, we developed so many ideas for refreshing the brand that we thought it was time to modernise the logo of our traditional company. in a new design and with new functions

From March, we are changing many things to make it easier for our customers to find suitable soles and footbeds on We learned a lot from the questions of our web customers to present our products in a more understandable way.

Efficient search function for laces

Shoelaces always break at inopportune moments. How do I quickly find the right replacement laces? The right length, thickness, colour?

Do you live on big feet?

The pedag team is passionate about all foot needs and produces for decades oversize
insoles up to size 54 for you.

Does a footbed promote an ideal posture?

More and more often, we are asked to what extent pedag® foot supports contribute to adopting an ideal and healthy posture.

The pedag® team helps flood victims

Why pedag® donated 7,000 Euro to the victims of the flood and why states, companies and all of us have the duty to act in an environmentally conscious way.

Tips for buying children's shoes

You should pay attention to this if you want to buy shoes for your child.

Trend sport Canicross

Your dog is pulling the leash? In canicross, that's what he's supposed to do. A fast-paced sport for humans and dogs, which has many facets.

How you care for leather seats in your car

You got a car with leather seats and you wonder how you take care of them? We have the answer.

Clean and store winter shoes

In a few weeks is time for a season change in the shoe closet and the wardrobe. But how will the winter shoes stay beautiful until the next use?

Do you have a tidy shoe closet?

How tidy is your shoe cabinet? Our current blog article gives you suggestions on how to store your shoes properly and keep them neat and tidy.
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