Cleaning your boots for St. Nicholas

Cleaning your boots for St. Nicholas

The first important day for children during the advent season is St. Nicholas Day. All over the world, shoes are polished to a high shine so that they can be filled with goodies from St. Nicholas on December 6th. 

Cleaning your boots for St. Nicholas

One thing in advance: Children should only ever use shoe care products together with adults. Then nothing stands in the way of a lesson in shoe cleaning. The first step is to remove coarse dirt. This is best done when the dirt is dry, using a Cleaning Brush or a Soft Cloth. Then it goes on with the thorough cleaning. Schuhe-putzen-mit-Kindern_975-504

The pedag Combi Foam Set is recommended for all shoes in the family: it contains an effective cleaning foam with a fresh scent and a sponge that absorbs dirt. If you care about the environment when cleaning your shoes, you can use pedag Cleansing Booster Set. Both products are excellent for all types of leather, textiles and synthetics as well as shoes with TEX membranes.

After the cleaning process follows the care part. If you have smooth leather boots that your children want to put outdoors, pedag Shoe Cream will give them fresh colors and a fine shine. It is also available in multicolor - so you can care all leather colors. Use a cloth or the cuddly soft polishing glove made of lambskin to make your shoes shine. For suede shoes, we recommend pedag Nubuck Liquid - it refreshes the color and nourishes the leather.

Last but not least, your work should be worth it. Before wearing your boots again, impregnate them well to protect them from dirt and water. For this purpose, we recommend pedag Waterproofer or the biodegradable alternative pedag Organic Protector.

Insider tip: pedag Wipes clean quickly and efficiently. Individually packed, they are ideal on the go and also for preparing for St. Nicholas, when you don't have the time for extensive care.

Why do we celebrate St. Nicholas?  

December 6th is considered the anniversary of the death of St. Nicholas and therefore became his Memorial Day. St. Nicholas gave away his inheritance to the poor and is said to have worked many miracles during his life.

Now St. Nicholas is waiting for you!

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