How you care for leather seats in your car

How you care for leather seats in your car

Leather seats in the car exude a touch of luxury. They make the interior of the vehicle look high-class. Just like the leather of shoes or furniture, car leather needs care in order to remain beautiful and robust. You have a car with leather seats and wonder how to care for them? We have the answer.

Just like human skin, leather needs care. Leather contains fats and moisture. They make it so supple and resistant. Over the years, if you do not care for it, it will dry out. Especially in the car. In summer the air conditioning runs, in winter the heating. Stress for the car leather. In addition, the sun bleaches the material and makes it brittle over time.

In case you use the car regularly. When getting in, we touch the left cheek of the driver's seat - usually the most worn part of the car. Wet shoes bring moisture into the car. Children leave chocolate on the back seat or muddy shoe prints on the back of the front seat. The four-legged friend throws up on the back seat or climbs forward from the boot over the backrest. The wet paws spread the remains of the walk in the car ...

Leather interior or not: As you can see, a car sometimes has to endure a lot. 

What do you need to clean car leather?

How do you clean car leather?

You wonder how to clean your car seats? First you brush loose dirt from the leather surfaces and from the gabs. Then you vacuum the car thoroughly.

Next, clean the surface with the cleaning foam pedag Combi Cleaner. Spray some of the foam onto the sponge and rub the seat with moderate pressure and circular movements. Keep doing this until the foam starts to discolour. This means that the dirt will come off. Remove the foam with a clean Microfibre cloth. You can moisten it slightly, but it does not have to be. Repeat the procedure if you feel that the seat is still dirty.

Tip: When cleaning, proceed in sections so that you do not forget any components. For example, start with the headrest, then work on the middle section of the backrest, then the side sections and so on. Continue until you have cleaned all parts of the car seat. This is the same procedure for all care steps. 

How do you care for car leather?

The leather is clean now and needs care after drying to keep it supple.

The colourless pedag Leather Conditioner is the right choice. It gently cleanses, aloe vera has a deep caring effect and moisturises, lanolin keeps the leather soft. Put a small amount of the lotion on a clean microfibre cloth and massage it into the leather in circular movements. The emulsion gives the leather a silky matt shine and provides lasting protection. Just right for leather seats in the car. 

How do you treat scratches in car leather?

Did the dog paws or luggage leave scratches in the leather? With pedag Scuff Cover Cream you can repair scratches in leather. First, rub down the damaged area with a sponge or leather sandpaper (available in stores). Then remove the sanding dust and clean the damaged area with cleaning benzine.

Now the leather is ready for pedag Scuff Cover Cream. Choose the colour that matches the car leather and dab the cream onto the damaged area with a cloth. The Scuff Cover Cream is highly covering. Therefore, use a small amount of cream and repeat the application if you don't like the result yet. The Scuff Cover Cream does not stain.

Tip: If you blow-dry the treated area gently (not too hot!), the cream spreads better. 

How do you protect car leather?

After care, you can polish the leather with a lambskin polishing glove or a clean microfibre cloth. The crowning glory of shoe care is the impregnation. It protects the leather from moisture, dirt and stains. Leather in a car is not usually directly exposed to the weather.  You therefore do not need to impregnate car leather. And pedag Leather Conditioner already slightly impregnates the leather. 

pedag. For well maintained car leather.