Individuell angefertigte Fußbettungen.

Professional ORTHO SYSTEMS

Customized foot supports – the highest degree of individuality

About 60 percent of the population suffer from mild foot complaints, 20 % need professional orthopaedic insoles form experts and only about 20 % have healthy feet. And footbeds can help everyone individually to go more vital through everyday life. Our feet really play a major role in our lives - they literally carry us around the globe for about four times.


We are your specialists for healthy walking. Because we have been developing foot supports for more than 60 years and produce them ourselves in high quality handwork. We use the experience and latest findings of orthopaedists and shoe technicians to help with the essential civilisation problems of the feet. 

Keep feet healthy – for 20 %

You have healthy feet? Perfect. Preserve them by making your shoes more comfortable with insoles and preventing foot problems. It feels good. 

Alleviate foot probles – for 60 %

You feel light to medium foot problems? pedag® can help you and also make fashionable shoes healthier. Foot problems such as flat and splayfoot, painful heel spur or hammer toes can be comfortably relieved with pedag® solutions. 

Therapy feet – for 20 %

For the 20 % of the total population with serious foot disorders, pedag® supports orthopaedic shoe technicians with professional technology in the precise manufacturing of individual orthopaedic insoles.

pedag® Professional ORTHO SYSTEMS is a system for custom-made insoles that can be individually adapted to the needs of orthopaedic patients. Not two feet are the same and every major foot issue requires an individual treatment. Professional ORTHO SYSTEMS make this goal feasible. 

Digital technology ...

Our pedag® modular system uses efficient and modern measurement techniques and fully compatible modules that can be combined to individual orthopaedic supports. The state-of-the-art analogue and digital measurement technologies are the key to Professional ORTHO SYSTEMS.

The digital foot-scanner captures the exact footprint and shows you where the customer's feet bare most weight. From its integrated database, the software offers the available product match of ORTHO SYSTEMS components (blanks, pads, heel wedges and compensation plates), which the expert processes into individual orthopaedic insoles. 



... and a modular system

The blanks are the foundation of every orthopaedic foot support. They support the foot in its natural movement and keep it in the right place. As every foot is different, we offer blanks in a wide range of different lengths, materials and degrees of stability.

The metatarsal pad is a special kind of pad that supports the transversal arch of the foot. They are used to treat splayed feet. Heel wedges and balancing plates serve to level out unequal leg lengths or to compensate for different kinds of malformations.

The modules of Professional ORTHO SYSTEMS can be combined in as many different ways as there are different feet and complaints. Its elements have been especially developed from practitioners for practitioners with the goal to efficiently provide customers with custom-made orthopaedic foot supports. 

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