Do you live on big feet?

Do you live on big feet?

This blog post is exclusively for people with XXL feet: we know how plagued you are with the limited shoe supply in plus sizes. The pedag team is passionate about all foot needs and produces for decades oversize insoles up to size 54 for you. We offer this customer service because your big feet deserve an extra portion of comfort!

What are oversizes in shoes?

For women, the usual size range lasts from shoe size 36 to 42, while oversizes are considered to be shoe sizes 43 to 46. For men, plus sizes start from 46 to size 54.

Which oversize insoles can women find at pedag?

Women living on big feet are well served, as pedag produces the majority of insoles and foot supports up to size 48. They can choose and find from the differentiated assortment:

  • the comfortable insoles for all sporty, classic or fashionable fancy oversize shoes.  
  • seasonally appropriate warm or airy insoles.
  • according to their needs, cushioning insoles, splayfoot pads, flat-splayfoot or plantar fasciitis insoles. 

Since our cutting dies are unisex designed and different widths are available, every woman is guaranteed to find her favorite(s).

Which oversize insoles does pedag have for men?

For men up to shoe size 48, the choice is huge at pedag, too, as the majority of insoles and foot supports are produced up to size 48. As a man you can choose freely up to shoe size 48:

  • depending on the type of shoe between sports insoles, insoles for business shoe, professional & work shoe, sneaker insoles and so on.  
  • depending on the season suitable warm or airy insoles.
  • depending on the anatomical requirements, supportive and cushioning soles, flat-splayfoot beds or plantar fasciitis insoles. 

For the rare shoe sizes from 49 to 54 we are producing a particularly well-rounded range of premium materials for XXL men:

(a)    For cold days

  • The pure lambskin insole pedag Pascha with insulating recycled cork is pure nature. As pedag is cutting from the grown furs, the experienced employees punch the pedag Pascha especially in the king size sizes out of the particularly dense back of the lambskin. (Total thickness when standing approx. 7 - 8 mm). Until size 53/54.
  • pedag Solar is a warming insole with a material thickness of about 5 mm, so it easily fits into any winter shoe. The warming surface is made of 100% lambswool, is stabilizing quilted and perfectly insulates against ground cold. Until size 53/54.

(b)    For sneaker and sport 

  • pedag Viva Outdoor is the comfortable foot support for stressed XXL feet. Anatomically stabilizing and cushioning, especially hygienic with an interior made of natural flax fiber as well as active carbon against foot odor. Perfect for hiking and working, but also when you chilling and barbecuing. Until size 51. 
  • pedag Viva Sport is your comfortable sports and regeneration foot support. The innovative padding and cushioning insole stabilizes and cushions the foot and is ideal for running and golf shoes and sneakers. Until size 51.

(c)    For business shoes and shoes with narrow last shape.

  • pedag Viva is the wellness foot support for XXL feet. Turns any oversize shoe into a comfort shoe. The combination of natural cowhide with hygienic active carbon filter ensures a pleasant microclimate in the shoe. For the oversizes, the experienced die cutters choose the particularly sturdy back of the vegetable tanned leather hides – so to speak the prime piece. Until size 51. 
  • The leather insole pedag Leather is specially made for XXL feet from the special pedag cowhide. Made of soft sheepskin up to size 48, fine cowhide is used from size 49/50 on. Its longer fiber structure, with all its flexibility, is much more hard-wearing and durable. Combined with the hygienic active carbon filter, this creates a pleasant microclimate in the shoe. From size 49/50 to 53/54.

How do I find my pedag oversized insole?

Ask your favorite shoe store for the pedag oversize insole of your choice. If your product is not available locally: we also supply retailers with individual customer orders. Service is the trump card. And if your shoe store is not yet a pedag retailer, we will immediately find a solution together so that you will be good on your feet quickly. 

Are there oversizes in children's shoes & children's insoles?

For children's feet we do not talk about oversizes, but it is true that classic children's insoles are only up to shoe size 35. Experience shows that children outgrow shoe size 35 at the age of around 8 to 12 years. At pedag you can find shoe sizes for kids up to 35 in the category "kids insoles". For sizes from 36 upwards just look in the other insole categories. Just enter the name of the product you are looking for in the search box and with one click you will be at the shoe sizes of the larger juniors and adults. The unisex designed die-cuts and shoe type related sole widths cover the needs of juniors. 

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