The pedag® team helps flood victims

The pedag® team helps flood victims

Why pedag® donates 7,000 Euro to the victims of the flood disaster and why the states, the companies and all of us as consumers have the duty to act in an environmentally conscious and preventive way.

The pictures and news from the flooded areas in the German federal states North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland Palatinate shocked us all in July 2021. One thing was immediately clear: this natural disaster not only destroyed decades of individual biographies and communal togetherness, but it will take years to establish a certain degree of normality for the people there. 

How can we help?

This is what we spontaneously asked ourselves in the pedag® team. Travelling from Berlin-Brandenburg, more than 600 kilometres away, to help was out of the question. Likewise, care packages and furniture deliveries were premature at this moment. And our local stationary retailers need support, especially for their new start. But we wanted to help immediately: so the idea developed to use the whole month of August to donate from the webshop turnover. No sooner said than done. From August the 1st until August the 31st, we took 10 percent of the web turnover to help the flood victims.

Aktion Deutschland Hilft

Why did we choose 'Aktion Deutschland hilft'?

It was important to us that every Euro collected goes to the flood victims in a professional and effective way. As a comprehensive alliance of German aid organisations, 'Aktion Deutschland hilft' seemed to be the best way to achieve this. 

Solidarity in action is important

Many families lost loved ones in the floods. Even more people lost their homes and livelihoods. And quite a few people's basic trust was shaken to such an extent that they no longer saw any point in continuing to live. That is terrible. However small our contribution to comfort and relief may be, lived solidarity and active compassion are the pillars of our society. We believe in this and want to make our contribution even from afar. 

7,000 Euro for the flood victims

In total, the pedag® team collected 7,000 Euros for the flood victims. The donation from the webshop was not enough, but the company decided to double the amount. This is how we achieved this contribution to help the suffering communities. 

Prevention is better than cure!

Prophylaxis is part of the pedag® DNA. Just as we develop our foot supports and insoles with orthopaedic professionals for preventive help, we also work on a more climate-friendly lifestyle every day. 

As part of nature, we humans shape the environment with our lifestyle and have also influenced the weather and its consequences for centuries. The current catastrophes show how important a sustainable lifestyle is. That is why we at pedag® produce regionally, prefer to process renewable raw materials and will continue to expand this share.

The fact that we are all affected by the severe weather catastrophes in our immediate vicinity shows us how existential it is to take expert advice to heart in this area as well. It is not abstract discussions or possibly ideological disputes that will bring us the solutions - every day we all have to act as part of the solution. The states, the companies and all of us as consumers. Because prevention is better than cure!