Bei Professional ORTHO SYSTEMS gilt: Für (fast) jedes Problem gibt es eine Lösung.

Materials we use

Materials we use

Our orthopaedic insoles of Professional ORTHO SYSTEMS are exclusively made of selected, premium-quality materials. In order to meet the patients’ diverse needs, we offer insole blanks made of different material blends. Just like in the rest of our pedag product range, Professional ORTHO SYSTEMS offers a solution to (almost) any problem. We use the following materials in the blanks of our orthopaedic insoles.



Polypropylene (PP) and soft foam

The core of the blanks is made of thermoplastic PP that can be moulded to any foot. For low arches, we use soft foam blanks. The softer material is shock absorbing, cushioning and relieving the joints. 

Shock absorber

Additionally, we offer special blanks that are equipped with a layer of shock absorbing material situated between the surface and the PP-core. This layer provides the foot with further cushioning and relieves the joints. 

Microfiber velour with memory foam

Some of our blanks are covered with velvety microfibre velour that gives a soft and comfortable feeling to the orthopaedic inserts. The memory foam optimally moulds to the foot’s shape evenly distributing the pressure throughout the foot. Therefore, it effectively cushions the foot and relieves the joints. The rigid core of the blank gives firm hold and support. 

nora ® material


When developing the orthopaedic insoles of Professional ORTHO SYSTEMS we have also had the special needs of people who suffer from diabetes and rheumatism in mind. nora ® is an extremely soft material that is kind to the skin. Its shock absorbing properties make it ideal for diabetics and people who suffer from rheumatism. nora ® is highly elastic and resilient. These properties and the fact that the material is washable make our orthopaedic insoles last long and be extremely hygienic. The material cushions and relieves joints and makes walking pleasurable again. 


This very fine leather is very hard-wearing and long-lasting. It is also breathable, thus improving the climate inside the shoe. 

Activated carbon filter

Those orthopaedic insoles that use leather as upper material can be additionally equipped with a highly efficient filter made of activated carbon. It is permeable to air, absorbs moisture and actively prevents malodours. 

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