Eine Orthopädische Schuheinlage für jeden Schuh.

Insoles for every situation

Orthopaedic supports for every situation

If you are among the 20 percent of the population that suffer from orthopaedic complaints, you have probably already had several orthopaedic insoles, because this is the only way for you to walk without pain. But most certainly, sometimes you’re still confronted with your foot issues, usually when wearing dress shoes or practising sports.


Normally orthopaedic insoles can’t be used with dress shoes. Therefore, there are many people who have to make a decision: do I want to wear trendy shoes or do I want to be able to walk without pain.

Professional ORTHO SYSTEMS can help you here, because our supports are extra-light and extremely thin. Therefore, they are suitable for all kinds of footwear and easily fit into tight shoes, too. For those shoes that barely offer room for insoles, Professional ORTHO SYSTEMS includes special short foot supports. They have the same orthopaedic characteristics as the full length arch supports leaving a lot of room for your toes. That makes them the perfect foot supports for many dress shoes. 

Supports for diabetics and rheumatics

Diabetics and rheumatics have very special needs – also concerning their orthopaedic foot supports. Diabetics often suffer from neuropathy, a loss of pain or feeling in their feet, which can often lead to blisters and sores appearing on numb areas which eventually become the portal of entry for serious infections. With that in mind, our orthopaedic experts designed Professional ORTHO SYSTEMS to meet these special needs. Therefore, we chose extremely soft and cushioning materials for our foot supports for risk groups 0-II.

The core of our supports is made of sturdy plastic that can be adapted to every patient’s orthopaedic needs. The surface is equipped with nora ® material that is extremely kind to the skin. It makes walking comfortable, has a high resilience and is washable, improving the hygiene and extending the live of the shoe inserts. 

Orthopaedic solutions for athletes

If you suffer from deformed feet or other foot complaints that require orthopaedic treatment, you don’t have to abstain from practising sports. Soon, our Professional ORTHO SYSTEMS supports will be available as a special edition for athletes. These foot supports will be provided with everything active and athletic people that suffer from foot disorders need!


Professional ORTHO SYSTEMS is a highly variable and professional orthopaedic arch support system suitable for every type of shoe. It makes walking a pleasure, no matter when and where, and your feet will feel fresh and healthy. 

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