Foot measurement

Professional Foot measurement

The basis of each and every orthopaedic support is the professional measurement of the feet. When the feet have been properly measured, the arch support will fit perfectly and effectively treat the patient’s complaints. pedag offers absolutely reliable and state-of-the-art measurement techniques that perfectly coordinate with the modular system of Professional ORTHO SYSTEMS, making it easier to manufacture perfectly fitting orthopaedic supports.



The measure of all things

When measuring feet, the point of reference and most important data is the distance between the heel and the line of ball. In orthopaedics, this distance is far more important than the total length of the foot, a parameter usually used when determining the shoe size.

The measurement technology of Professional ORTHO SYSTEMS focuses on this important data. Both the mechanical measurement plate and the digital footprint scanner define the distance between the heel and the line of ball. In this, they make sure that the orthopaedic supports perfectly match the patient’s feet.

When analysing the patients’ feet, the software of Professional ORTHO SYSTEMS also allows you to save digital pictures, i.e. of the patient’s leg axis. This can be of great help for orthopaedists concerning documentation of patient records. 

Measurement technology


To individually measure feet and consequently manufacture orthopaedic arch supports, Professional ORTHO SYSTEMS offers several techniques:

  • patented mechanical measurement plate
  • pedag OS software
  • pedag 2D scanner
  • foot pressure measurement module 

Due to these foot analysis and measurement tools, orthopaedists will be able to manufacture perfectly customised orthopaedic supports. The mechanical measurement plate will help to place the components of the foot support.

The scanner produces an image of the foot that shows you what exactly the patient’s complaints are caused by. Together with the different components of the modular Professional ORTHO SYSTEMS, you will be able to produce an insole that perfectly adapt to the patient’s feet and consequently meets his needs. 

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