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Available components

The components of Professional ORTHO SYSTEMS

We developed the modular system Professional ORTHO SYSTEMS in close collaboration with experts in the orthopaedic area. Our goal was to create the ideal conditions for orthopaedists and orthopaedic technicians to manufacture perfectly customised insoles.



The outcome of our efforts is a system that

  • consists of elements that can easily be combined,
  • is made of premium-quality materials,
  • and includes efficient measurement techniques.

Orthopaedists who want to work with Professional ORTHO SYSTEMS will be provided with our state-of-the-art measuring tools, insole blanks and all the tools required in the manufacturing process, so that all orthopaedic problems receive an individual treatment.

If you are an expert in orthopaedics wanting to learn more about the modules of Professional ORTHO SYSTEMS please use the contact form to contact our medical advisors. 

More about Professional ORTHO SYSTEMS

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