pedag combi gel cleaning gel for smooth leather, patent leather and synthetic shoes in glass jar

Combi Gel

Clean & care in one step 50 ml

Clear the stage for pedag Combi Gel, the powerful leather care gel for a shiny appearance. Cleans, cares for and preserves the beauty of shoes, boots, bags, etc.

  • cleansing gel for smooth leather, patent and synthetics
  • extremely effective in-depth cleaning
  • gently cares
  • preserves the material character
  • gives a silky matt shine

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Combi Gel

pedag Combi Gel is ingenious when you need it fast, because it masters three beauty disciplines in no time at all: It cleanses deeply, nourishes and protects your favourite pieces in just one step. The lanolin in the colorless leather care gel keeps the material supple, natural waxes care, protect and give it a silky-matt shine.

The small glass jar for leather care of shoes & co. fits into every pocket and is therefore always and everywhere with you, where quick all-round care for a fresh look is required.

The leather care pedag Combi Gel is suitable for:

  • smooth leather
  • patent leather
  • synthetics
  • corresponding materials with TEX climate membranes.

Application: First remove loose dirt with a brush or cloth. Then take up the gel with a cloth and rub it evenly over the entire surface. Start at the heel and apply to the toe of the shoe. Rub more vigorously if the dirt intensity is higher. Treat stained areas first. Always treat both shoes to avoid color differences after drying. Let the shoe dry at room temperature. Polish after drying.

Tip on the color fastness of the material: For colored materials, test the color fastness on a hidden spot. If it already stains when rubbed with a dry cloth or a cloth soaked in water, we recommend careful dry cleaning with an eraser or brush.

Tip: Microfibre cloths are ideal for the application of Combi Gel, as they are lint-free, absorb the gel well and release it again. For more information, see pedag Microfibre Cloth.

For information on cosmetic ingredients, please refer to our overview of shoe care ingredients.

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