pedag shoe deo pump spray neutralizes shoe odour

Shoe Deo

Eco-Deospray 100 ml

Active freshness for all shoes and sports bags. The innovative pedag formula binds odor molecules and neutralizes unpleasant odors.

  • Pump deodorant spray for all materials
  • neutralizes odors in shoes and bags
  • discreet scent
  • biodegradable
  • user-friendly pump system, without propellant gas
  • also ideal on vacation with few change shoes

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Shoe Deo

After a long day on your feet or after a session in the gym, unpleasant odors in your shoes are quite natural. The shoe deodorant by pedag is the beauty secret for fresh shoes. Simply sprayed into the shoe, it effectively neutralizes odors. The best is to apply it immediately after wearing and the next morning your shoes will be fresh again and ready for leisure or work.

Spray richly into the interior of the shoe and allow time to dry. At least 4 sprays are recommended: once in the heel cap, twice in the toe box and once in the middle of the shoe. After 2 hours at the latest, the effect is fully developed. To make sure that the pedag formula neutralizes the smell, it doesn't matter if you spray it into a shoe that is still warm or if the shoe has been standing for a few days. But if you use the deodorant habitually after wearing your shoes, they will always be fresh and ready for the next walk.

You can get the best protection against foot odour by additionally using pedag leather insoles with the powerful activated carbon filter in your shoes. The flat insole pedag Leather and the even more comfortable footbed pedag Viva. They form a strong team against foot odour and for more hygiene in your shoes!

Extra tip:
As a rule, the freshness effect lasts for a long time. So you don't have to spray every day, but you will notice as soon as your shoes need the next freshness kick.

The shoe deodorant is a pump spray, so it does not need any propellants. It is suitable for all types of shoes, even when equipped with TEX climate membrane and even for "hard cases".

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