pedag eco-friendly impregnator for shoes, protects against moisture, stains and dirt

Organic Protector

eco waterproofer 200 ml

The environmentally friendly impregnator sustainably and effectively protects all materials from dirt and moisture.

  • waterproofing pump spray for all materials
  • protects from moisture, dirt and stains
  • suitable for indoor use
  • solvent-free, odorless, water-based
  • PFC-free
  • biodegradable
  • colorless

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Organic Protector
Organic Protector

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly, non-toxic waterproofer? Here you will find what you are looking for. The Organic Protector of the new shoe care generation provides effective protection with a 3D molecular structure: millions of tiny molecules are placed around each individual fibre and form an invisible protective film that protects all materials from moisture, stains and dirt.

The material remains supple and completely breathable. You can also use the odorless and water-based waterproofer indoors without any concerns.

After completing steps 1 clean and 2 care, the surfaces of the shoe or bag are ready for step 3 protect. A special feature of pedag Impregnator Natural: you can work it into the material while it is still wet. Shake the bottle and spray the impregnator evenly onto the entire surface from a distance of about 15 cm until it is wet. Now massage thoroughly with a brush (suede) or a soft cloth (smooth leather) so that the active ingredient can penetrate deeply into the material. For particularly good results, repeat the application two or three times (but allow the impregnator to soak in for 10 minutes before each new application). Finally, wait another 10 minutes, then remove excess impregnator to avoid color differences after drying. Then allow to dry for 8 hours at room temperature. After drying, polish smooth leather and brush suede.

With the environmentally friendly waterproofer you can protect the following materials:

  • smooth leather
  • suede
  • synthetic
  • textile
  • corresponding materials with TEX climate membranes.

Tip on the color fastness of the material:
Test the color fastness in a hidden spot. If the upper material stains when rubbed with a dry cloth or a cloth soaked in water, we recommend using a 'less wet' waterproofing spray such as pedag Waterproofing 250 ml.

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