Sneaker White

Intensive color refresher for white shoes 75 ml

pedag Sneaker White intensively refreshes the color of white smooth leather, synthetic and textile shoes. Creates a brilliant white in no time.

  • White liquid cream
  • for smooth leather, textiles, synthetics and material mixes
  • makes the white intensively shining again
  • nourishes leather, makes materials supple
  • with lanolin and waxes
  • polishing brings shine
  • perfect for sneakers, trendy boots & golf shoes
  • color: white

Content: 0.075 l (€132.67 / 1 l)

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Sneaker White

Perfect your white! This color is not only a summer trend theme for shoes ... white sneakers are classics that always go. But, white shoes and bags are very sensitive to dust, stains and discoloration. The concealing shoe polish pedag Sneaker White revives stressed whites.

Natural waxes nourish, protect and give a pleasant shine. Intensive color pigments have an opaque effect, even on textile and material combinations. With additional light protection against moisture and dirt (impregnate for intensive protection).

The liquid shoe polish pedag Sneaker White belongs to white shoes and is suitable for:

  • smooth leather
  • textiles
  • synthetics
  • material combinations
  • corresponding materials with TEX climate membranes.

After completing step 1 clean, the surfaces of the shoe or bag are ready for step 2 care. Shake the (closed) bottle well, hold it upside down and apply the white liquid cream evenly in a thin layer with light pressure. Begin at the heel and continue to the toe of the shoe. Always treat both shoes to avoid color differences after drying.
Treat heavily stressed areas several times. If necessary, repeat application two to three times. Allow to dry for 30 minutes at room temperature. You can polish smooth leather after drying to create a nice shine.
If you rinse the sponge applicator under running water right away, it won't dry out and will last longer.

To protect the bright white against dust and stains, impregnate the good piece right away (care step 3 protect). Impregnating your shoe with pedag Protector lets raindrops repel and reduces stains. This means that dust sticks less and is easier to wipe off.

Tip only for experienced "hobbyists":
Enthusiastic fans of pedag Sneaker White always ask how to treat white parts next to colored decorative stripes without "painting over" with the sponge applicator. Some advise to tape over the colored decorations. In our experience, it is easier for those skilled with a brush to carefully lift off the applicator head (it is only plugged, not screwed), and apply the white emulsion with a fine paint brush. Attention: afterwards, put the applicator head back on tightly ... so that there is no accident the next time you shake it.

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