Shoe Fresh

Shoe deo 100 ml

Puts an end to the stale air in sports shoes: the high-performance shoe deo ensures a permanently sporty and fresh scent in sports shoes & co. and effectively combats unpleasant odors.

  • overhead deodorant spray for all materials
  • extra-strong odor adsorber
  • long-lasting sporty scent
  • up to 48 hours of freshness
  • one shot is enough for the complete shoe

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Shoe Fresh

No matter if summer or winter: During running training, we not only heat up our bodies, the shoes also have to put up with a lot. The inner material of the shoes absorbs sweat that occurs on the foot during exercise. As a result, unpleasant odors can develop over time.

The shoe deodorant pedag Shoe Fresh puts an end to the stench in sports shoes. The powerful overhead spray with long-term effect provides a noticeable freshness effect for 48 hours. Thanks to its two spray openings, the shoe deo is particularly effective and economical: it sprays both the rear and front areas of the shoe with a single shot of spray. The application is very simple: unlock the cap, insert overhead into the sports shoe, press one spray-stroke is enough.

The shoe deo with extra strong odor absorber is ideal for sports and leisure shoes, ski, riding and winter boots and is suitable for all materials, such as leather, synthetics, textiles and nylon.

For optimal hygiene in sports shoes and for better performance, we recommend depending on requirements the pedag Energy, pedag Power or pedag Outdoor sports insoles. Ventilate after wearing, remove from the shoe before using the deo.

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