Shoe Cream

Shoe polish jar 50 ml

This premium leather cream is a special treatment for smooth and grained leather. The shoe cream provides intensive care, nourishes the natural material leather, revives colors and develops a fine shine.

  • Shoe polish for smooth and grained leather
  • in glass jar for application with cloth or application brush
  • revives colors
  • nourishes leather with beeswax
  • keeps leather supple & protects against drying out
  • gives a long-lasting shine
  • different colors available
  • universal aid: Multicolor is the color refresher for all colors
  • solvent-free

Content: 0.05 l (€159.00 / 1 l)

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Shoe Cream

pedag Shoe Cream revives tired leather and colors. Color pigments freshen up, natural waxes care and add shine. Cosmetic oils support the color refreshing effect, keep the leather supple and support the depth effect. Natural waxes protect the leather from drying out.

The Premium pedag shoe cream is suitable for:

  • smooth leather
  • grained leather
  • Corresponding materials with TEX climate membranes.

After completing step 1 clean, the surface of the shoes is ready for step 2 care.
Using the pedag microfibre cloth or the pedag application brush, pick up a lentil-sized piece of cream. Apply a thin layer with light pressure from the heel cap of the shoe to the toe of the shoe. Apply sparingly, spread evenly in a circular motion and work into the leather.
Always treat both shoes to avoid color differences after drying.
Allow to dry for 10 minutes at room temperature and then polish to a brilliant high gloss without effort. Especially suitable for this purpose are the polishing glove pedag Brillant made of genuine lambskin and the pedag horsehair brush.

Tip on the color fastness of the material:
Test the color fastness of the leather on a hidden spot. If the upper material stains when rubbed with a dry cloth or a cloth soaked in water, the cream might "wash out" the colour pigments. You can avoid this with pedag Fresh Up Spray, because it is sprayed relatively dry and effectively nourishes smooth leather and makes it shine without polishing.

Tip for impregnating:
To protect leather against rain, dust and stains, impregnate it at the end (care step 3 protect). The impregnation with pedag Protector makes raindrops roll off, but also reduces staining. This means that dust sticks less and can be wiped off more easily. For especially delicate leathers, we recommend pedag Wax Protector as it adds more valuable waxes at the same time as impregnating.

Tip for reactivating in between:
The more intensively you wear your shoes, the more likely the leather will look dull. If you have treated them with pedag shoe cream before, you can easily reactivate its effect. Just polish them with the pedag Brilliant polishing glove or the pedag horsehair brush ... and the leather will shine fresh and crispy again.

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