What does vegetable tanned mean?

pflanzlich gegerbt

This pedag product is made of vegetable tanned leather, so you will enjoy a special wearing comfort. Natural tanning agents such as chestnut bark, quebracho bark (South American tree species, particularly rich in tanning agents) or mimosa make the leather hard-wearing, flexible and durable. As a natural product, leather has tactile properties: like our own skin, it is absorbent, breathable and hard-wearing. Thus, leather insoles regulate the microclimate in the shoe in a pleasant way and ensure dry feet.

We test every batch of leather by a certified German testing institute to ensure that it is free of harmful substances in accordance to DIN EN ISO 17070:2015-05 and DIN EN ISO 17075-1:2017-05. The certification of the testing institute is done by the national accreditation authority of the Federal Republic of Germany DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle).