Plastic Shoehorn

16 cm

Small, but good! The 16 cm long plastic shoehorn makes it easier to put on shoes and spares foot and heel cap. Available in six colors.

  • 16 cm long
  • ideal for travelling
  • makes it easier to get into the shoe
  • protects shoes and stockings
  • prevents the heel cap from bending over

Content: 1 Piece

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Plastic Shoehorn

Our little shoehorn has one big advantage: Thanks to its size of 16 cm it is perfect for travelling. That's why it belongs in every shoe care set. Because a shoehorn is also a shoe care product: If you use a shoehorn when putting on shoes, you do not press down the back cap and the shaft edge of the shoe with your heel.

This prevents creases and wrinkles, the heel cap is not subjected to excessive strain and remains stable for a long time. These are all factors that contribute to maintaining the value of your shoes. And for your heel and stockings shoehorns are also a real relief: The stockings are not overstretched when slipping into the shoe, the heel does not rub at the shaft edge.

Convince yourself that you will soon no longer want to do without your shoehorn.

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