Invisible gel heel cushion

Soft Heel

Heel cushion suitable for all open shoes. The transparent gel is not noticeable in sandals and mules. The soft heel pad gently cushions your stressed heels. Especially for firm soles and heels of sandals, the cushion can prevent and relieve heel pain.

  • perfect for all open shoe types
  • cushions the loaded heel
  • can prevent and relieve heel pain
  • can alleviate knee, hip and spine pain when walking on hard surfaces
  • self-adhesive in the shoe, yet easy to change from shoe to shoe
  • hand washable, vegan

Content: 1 Pair

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Soft Heel

Under relaxed heels lies the gel heel cushion pedag Soft Heel. The elastic gel is highly flexible and provides excellent cushioning. Painful heels are a thing of the past, because the heel cushion reduces the impact load and joints, ligaments and spine are also happy about it. It is extremely hard-wearing and durable and therefore also meets high demands, e.g. in work shoes.

Whether in work shoes, sports shoes, city shoes or even in pumps. The secret of relaxed heels is pedag Soft Heel. Simply remove the protective foil, attach the cushion to the back of the shoe and off you go. Thanks to its versatility, the wedge-shaped gel heel cushion is an indispensable companion you can count on.

If necessary and when the holding capacity decreases, you can simply rinse the vegan heel cushion under clear water and let it dry in the air. Hygienically clean and well padded, the "invisible" extra comfort for carefree heels continues.

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