Memory foam footbed

Magic Step Plus

Vegan footbed with innovative memory foam technology: the visco-elastic gel foam adapts individually to your foot. While the memory effect provides excellent cushioning, the footbed gently stabilizes the foot, ankle and knee joints.

  • softer than gel insoles & much lighter
  • perfectly cushioning memory foam
  • stabilizes the longitudinal arch
  • relieves the splayfoot
  • cushions the heel
  • made of vegan materials
  • top layer of polyurethane - stretchable & breathable

Content: 1 Pair

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Magic Step Plus

You love the incomparably soft padding effect of a Memory Foam insole? But you also know the relaxing benefits of a foot support? The Memory Foam foot support pedag Magic Step Plus combines both features - enjoy a completely new walking experience and individual comfort.

The Memory Foam cushions immediately and adapts individually to the shape of your foot. The anatomically shaped foot support has threefold support with longitudinal arch support, metatarsal pad and heel pad. This cushions the foot, relieves the strain on the foot and protects the spine and joints.

The fine and particularly elastic leather on the upper side absorbs foot moisture and ensures a hygienic climate in the shoe. After wearing, remove the insoles from the shoes and air them. It is best to wear two pairs in alternation.

Enjoy the feel-good comfort of the leather foot support with memory foam - the perfect combination for relaxed feet.

Suitable for equipment with climate membrane (TEX).

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Magic Step Plus