What is your foot type?

What is your foot type?

Do you know which foot type you have? – The foot is not flat, but has a multi-arched bottom. This curvature can be different from person to person. There are three common foot types. The first tip of the month in 2018 tells you what these are, which foot type you have and which foot support is the best choice for you.


What foot type do you have?

If you do not know which foot type you have, you can easily find out. All you need is a print of your foot. You will recognize them well on dark stone tiles when walking over them with wet feet. Alternatively, you can put a newspaper on the floor and walk over it with wet feet. Based on the footprint that results, you can determine your foot type.


Longitudinal and transversal arches are fully flattened, the longitudinal arch is not recognizable. Almost the whole foot bears the weight (flat foot).

MID: Forefoot, midfoot and heel all have contact to the ground. The longitudinal arch is clearly defined. This foot type has a medium arch and is commonly referred to as "normal foot".

HIGH: The longitudinal arch is extremely high, there is almost no contact to the ground. This foot type is called "contracted foot" or "pes cavus".

What is your correct foot type


VIVA® comfort for every foot type

The pedag foot supports are adapted to the different foot types: they support every single arch and avoid unpleasant, punctual loads. That's how the foot can relax.

The anatomically shaped blank of pedag Viva® High and pedag Viva® supports the natural movement. The foot supports of the VIVA® family have a biomechanical support that runs diagonally to the motion of the foot. It relieves the musculoskeletal system and prevents symptoms of fatigue. The metatarsal pad prevents splayfeet and can alleviate pain. The anatomically shaped heel pad cushions the heel and alleviates the pain. To provide optimum support for high arches, the blank of pedag Viva® High is higher at the longitudinal arch.

What is your correct foot type

The new foot support pedag Viva® Low is suitable for flat arch and all sensitive feet. An all-over soft padding pleasantly cushions the foot, the anatomically shaped footbed heel cushion, metatarsal pad and longitudinal arch support relieves the strained foot. In keeping with the needs of particularly sensitive feet, the met pad is more pronounced, the longitudinal arch even more flexible and the soft pad runs over the entire surface.

pedag. What Viva® is your Viva®?