Fresh foot support

Viva Summer

Hygienic orthotics made of natural fibers for shoes that you want to wear without socks.

  • makes your sneaker even more comfortable
  • bamboo terrycloth keeps your feet dry and has a natural antibacterial effect
  • natural sisal as renewable raw material cushions your feet in an airy way
  • supports & cushions the sensitive zones of your foot, prevents sore knees & back
  • with metatarsal pad & longitudinal arch
  • hand washable

Content: 1 Pair

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Viva Summer

Why a barefoot sole with footbed?

It feels good to walk barefoot or with thin socks in light summer shoes. But have you noticed how many people buckle their ankle inward in their sneakers or moccasins? The Viva® footbed helps prevent this: it gently stabilizes the gait and stimulates the foot muscles to maintain balance while rolling.

Is this a footbed for sick feet?

Is an ergonomic desk chair or an ergonomic car seat for professional drivers only for people with back problems? Of course not! Ergonomics is primarily for prevention (prophylaxis). In addition, anatomically well-designed products naturally help alleviation and light therapy.

What is the advantage of the barefoot Viva® compared to pedag's leather footbeds?

The footbeds of the Viva® product family are based on the identical anatomical basis. Adapted to your different activities and shoe types, we use the most suitable surfaces in each case. So that you always feel 100% comfortable.

That's how every Viva model has its justified benefit:

  • The leather Viva® is super durable & creates a great climate inside the shoe.
  • The Viva® Sport is perfect for active running & racing as well as recovery.
  • Viva® Winter warms & insulates wonderfully against cold.
  • Viva® Summer makes your feet feel like on clouds and takes over the function of a sock when walking barefoot: the insole absorbs sweat with its silky terry cloth and keeps the feet pleasantly dry.

Why are these insoles made of bamboo terry?

Bamboo terry is perfect for wearing: it is pleasantly silky and flatters the skin, six times more absorbent than cotton and naturally antibacterial.

As a raw material, it is the sustainable alternative to cotton or synthetic fibers: Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows rapidly, uses little water, requires no pesticide use and is biodegradable.

Bamboo terry insoles are a win-win for users and nature.

Why do you use sisal fibers as padding material?

Sisal hemp is a plant fiber from the leaf of the agave tree. So we also use an environmentally friendly, renewable and biodegradable raw material as the cushioning material for this barefoot insole.

The thinly pressed fiber bundle mat forms an elastic, open and airy structure that allows air to circulate in the shoe and comfortably cushions the foot.

The individual sisal fibers are tough, tensile and exhibit exceptional stiffness. In the form pressed for Viva Summer, the sisal hemp is so perfectly durable while accommodating every movement.

How do I keep the Fresh Sole fresh, especially if I walk barefoot on it every day?

To keep your barefoot footbed fresh and hygienic, you can ...

  • refresh it regularly with pedag Shoe Deo (with pedag Shoe Deo or the extra strong odour adsorber pedag Shoe Fresh).
  • wash it occasionally if necessary: Hand washing is possible without any problems.

Why should I not wash the barefoot insole with footbed in the washing machine?

We also take care of people and nature when gluing the materials. For pedag® insoles, we usually do not use adhesives containing solvents. This way, we protect the people in our production, the environment and you.

The footbed of Viva® Summer is glued to the sisal hemp by a special adhesive. If washing in the washing machine, the washing temperature and the rolling in the rotating drum could loosen the bonding. Therefore: only gentle washing by hand please. 

Made in Germany - handmade & natural

By purchasing a pedag footbed, you support a traditional company that has been handcrafting high-quality insoles in Germany since 1955.

Our insoles come from Königs Wusterhausen near Berlin - we want to secure jobs in Germany and pay fair wages.

Our insole "pedag Viva® Summer" is handmade and made of plant-based natural materials - for a conscious, sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

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Some elastic materials yield differently when punched. Therefore, this overview shows approximate dimensions, with a tolerance of +/- 2 to 3 millimeters.

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