Rain, snow and dirty weather? With the cold barrier pedag Solar made of lambswool, insulating foam and aluminum foil you can get through winter with warm feet.

  • slightly thicker winter sole
  • warming upper side: 100% wool
  • cold-insulating high-tech foam
  • aluminum against wetness and ground cold

Content: 1 Pair

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In the cold season, the cold quickly creeps into your shoes. pedag Solar thermo insoles keep your feet warm. Its triple secret: pure, quilted lambswool keeps the foot warm and cushions it, the intermediate layer of high-tech foam, in which many thousands of tiny air bubbles are enclosed, insulates it and the special aluminum foil on the underside reflects the cold and additionally protects from moisture.

To prevent the thermo insoles from slipping inside the shoe, they have a non-slip coating. This way the thermo insoles stay in place even during a long walk through snow-covered winter landscapes or while strolling through the Christmas market. Punch and tea warm you from the inside out, the pedag Solar thermo insoles take care of your feet. For cosy warm winter days.

Suitable for equipment with climate membrane (TEX).

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