Gel pressure protection for bunion

Bunion Protector

You suffer from a hallux valgus and often have pain on your ball of the foot when walking? You can count on the pedag Bunion Protector: It can relieve discomfort and eases walking.

  • alleviates bunion problems
  • eases walking
  • for hallux valgus
  • durable gel

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Gel Bunion Protector

Wrong walking technique, too tight or too small shoes, but also genetic predisposition can lead to the development of a hallux valgus. The big toe bends inwards at the metatarsophalangeal joint, the toes often lie close together. The resulting increased strain on the bunion can lead to pain when walking, and tight toes can also cause pain.

The pedag Bunion Protector made of pleasantly soft and skin-friendly gel protects the strained bunion, protects the skin from friction and direct pressure and can thus alleviate and prevent discomfort. The pedag Bunion Protector: put it on and feel the relief!

If you also have tight-fitting toes, you can combine the pedag Bunion Protector with the Toe Separator.

Advantages of gel
- Super soft and cuddly
- Skin friendly & hygienic
- Washable under clear water
- Optimal fit, as very stretchy and tear resistant
- Excellent recovery
- Long lasting & hard wearing

Advantages of cosmetic oils
Cosmetic oil is an essential ingredient of pedag toe protection products to achieve the specific elasticity of the gel. This oil is used millions of times in products and has proven to be very effective.

Other benefits for the user:
- Has a moisturizing effect
- Is pleasant on the skin
- Is proven for the production of medicines and cosmetics
- Is odorless and neutral in color
- Has no allergic potential
- Meets the high quality criteria of the German Pharmacopoeia (DAB)

What should be observed during application?
Direct contact between GEL toe protection products and shoes may result in the transfer of cosmetic oils. With lined shoes and with dark, muted colors of the upper material, this is usually absolutely harmless. With lighter and particularly absorbent shoe uppers, we recommend wearing stockings and treating the toe protection products regularly with talcum powder (from the pharmacy) beforehand. Otherwise, staining could occur due to absorption of the cosmetic oil.

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