Suede Care

Liquid care 75 ml

pedag Suede Care pampers suede leather and textiles. The shoe polish nourishes deeply and provides intensive and radiant colors.

  • color lotion for velour leather (suede, nubuck) and textile
  • refreshes colors
  • nourishes the leather
  • protects from dust and moisture

Content: 0.075 l (€106.00 / 1 l)

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Suede Care

Clear the stage for the specialist from the bottle: pedag Suede Care pampers velour (suede, nubuck) and textiles with intensive care. Thanks to the pampering color-freshness formula, the color of the leather is refreshed and shines like on the first day.

Apply the liquid shoe polish with a sponge: Press on the heel so that the suede leather care emerges and spread the color forward without pressure. After care, use the suede brush pedag Nubuk to brush up the fibres again for a velvety soft feeling.

The shoe polish pedag Suede Leather Care is suitable for:

  • suede, nubuck
  • textiles
  • corresponding materials with TEX climate membranes.
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