pedag shoe brush for suede leather with brass and perlon bristles against dust and dirt

Special Brush Brass

Suede brush brass bristles

This shoe brush also removes coarser dirt from velvety suede leather and raises the fibers after care. For wonderfully supple leather.

  • care brush for suede leather
  • Brass/perlon bristles and rubber
  • removes stains
  • brushes up suede leather

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Special Brush Brass

When dust and dirt adhere to suede leather shoes, a strong helper is needed for cleaning. This shoe brush combines nylon and brass bristles and thus signals the fight against soiling. With the rubber studs on the other side you straighten up the fibres after care and thus regain the velvety soft appearance that is so typical for suede shoes. The cleaning edge on the outside of the shoe brush helps you to clean even hard-to-reach areas of the shoe.

The pedag Special Brush with brass bristles - for velvety-soft suede shoes as just bought.

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