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Viva Outdoor

The hygienic & stabilizing orthotic for your outdoor activities. Whether hiking or working outdoors, whether in a boot or sneaker: this material combination creates a pleasant inner shoe climate. Based on the Viva footbed, Viva Outdoor can prevent and alleviate foot complaints. Ideal for fallen splayfoot, plantar fasciitis, knee & back complaints as well as preventative.

  • stabilizes & cushions every step
  • ideal for hiking boots, work & rubber boots, golf shoes & sneakers
  • relieves the arch of the foot with met pad & longitudinal arch support
  • cushions the heel
  • breathable, absorbent & abrasion resistant thanks to innovative Microfiber upper
  • natural flax-fibers cushion & absorb sweat
  • activated carbon prevents foot odor
  • lies non-slip in the shoe thanks to nubs made of synthetic latex
  • vegan

Content: 1 Pair

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Viva Outdoor

Why a hiking & boot insole with footbed?

You stand and walk for hours in sturdy shoes? A footbed helps you prevent tired feet.

Don't underestimate the consequences of intense exercise: many people experience their feet getting longer and wider over the years. This shows how our anatomy 'gives way', how the longitudinal and transverse arches gradually lower. Footbeds relieve, support and stimulate feet preventively and soothingly.

Why is the cushioning material made of flax fibers?

Flax is ideal for outdoor soles: compared to other natural fibers, flax fiber is stronger and thicker. So, it cushions well, retains more moisture (sweat) and is breathable. The fibers flexibly follow every movement.

Why is the upper made of microfiber?

As you can see from the pedag® range, we prefer natural materials. Since you use the sole intensively outdoors, you will have more fun with this innovative hi-tech material. This tread is durable, abrasion resistant, breathable and absorbent. On top of that, it is comfortable to wear and offers you good grip thanks to the matte surface.

Why is the Viva Outdoor with activated carbon?

The activated carbon with its huge inner surface binds odor molecules. So you prevent foot odor.

The combination of hi-tech microfiber, natural flax fiber and activated carbon offers you efficient moisture management in the shoe. Sweat is bound and odor neutralized.

Tip: remove from the shoe after wearing and ventilate so that the moisture evaporates and the carbon filter regenerates.

How do I keep the sole hygienically fresh when I walk on it every day?

It's easy to keep your outdoor footbed fresh and hygienic:

  • Get in the habit of airing the soles after wearing them.
  • If necessary, refresh your shoe and footbed with pedag Shoe Deo or pedag Shoe Fresh.
  • If dirt gets into the shoe, you can use pedag Pure Cleanser: an ecological cleaner that also smells great.

Does the sole slip inside the shoe?

The studs give the sole a perfect grip in the shoe. Nothing slips.

Can I wear the Viva Outdoor in any shoe?

You can wear the sole in any shoe that offers you enough space. In the forefoot, the sole is about 4.5 mm thick (+/- 1 mm). This fits all shoes that have a removable placeholder sole.

For other favorite shoes, you can switch to other footbeds in the Viva® product family. All offer the same anatomical base, with uppers matched to shoe type and activity.

Every Viva® equipment benefits you in special shoes and activities:

  • The leather Viva is super-thin.
  • Viva Sport is perfect for running and recovery.
  • Viva Winter warms & insulates against cold.
  • Viva Summer is super-cool for barefoot walking in sneakers.

Made in Germany - handmade

By purchasing a pedag insole, you support a traditional company that has been handcrafting high-quality insoles in Germany since 1955.

Our insoles come from Königs Wusterhausen near Berlin - we want to secure jobs in Germany and pay fair wages.

Our insole "pedag Viva® Outdoor" is handmade and developed with orthopedic experts - for a conscious and healthy lifestyle.

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To select your appropriate sole size, you can find the dimensions of our punching tools below.
Please note that the dimensions of the finished sole may vary, due to hand-made production.
Some elastic materials yield differently when punched. Therefore, this overview shows approximate dimensions, with a tolerance of +/- 2 to 3 millimeters.

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Viva outdoor

Viva outdoor