Sports orthotic for direct power transmission


You set ambitious athletic goals? You want to be better tomorrow than you are today? Discover the performance enhancing sports soles without any ballast. The biomechanical shape supports against joint pain, plantar fasciitis, knee, hip & back pain.

  • ultra-light and extremely thin
  • heel cup & longitudinal arch stabilize & protect the foot
  • designed for optimal power transmission
  • perfect for shoes with tight fit
  • individual fit due to MID & HIGH arch heights
  • supports the natural rolling motion
  • easily trimmable if needed

Content: 1 Pair

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The purist among the sports insoles has everything you need for top performance: Extremely thin and lightweight material for increased performance in fast and dynamic sports, heel cup and decoupled heel for natural heel cushioning, stabilization and guidance for perfect foot control.

The perfect connection between foot and shoe is important for optimum power transmission during sport. The pedag Power sports insoles turn feet and shoes into one: the sports insoles are available in MID and HIGH arched heights. Find out how to determine your foot type here. For a perfect fit, for more success and fun in sport.

Take off with the turbo for your training, the pedag Power sports insoles - perfect for competition soles and for all sports where 100% control is essential. Vegan.

Suitable for equipment with climate membrane (TEX).

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Unsure about your size?

To select your appropriate sole size, you can find the dimensions of our punching tools below.
Please note that the dimensions of the finished sole may vary, due to hand-made production.
Some elastic materials yield differently when punched. Therefore, this overview shows approximate dimensions, with a tolerance of +/- 2 to 3 millimeters.

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