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You like to enjoy your sport in the great outdoors? With the outdoor insole, you can leave your everyday life behind you in comfort. Step by step, meter by meter. To make sure your feet don't spoil your enjoyment, we developed pedag Outdoor together with orthopaedists. For a natural rolling motion and to help prevent splayfoot, heel, knee & back problems.

  • insole for extensive outdoor activities (trekking, nordic walking, golfing etc.)
  • heel cup & longitudinal arch stabilize & protect the foot
  • with light met pad
  • supports the natural rolling movement
  • prevents foot fatigue
  • effective against foot odor thanks to activated carbon
  • individual fit due to LOW, MID and HIGH foot arches
  • easily trimmable if required

Content: 1 Pair

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It is often the small things that make a big difference, especially in outdoor activities. The pedag Outdoor insoles offer you the sum of details that you can feel directly and no longer want to miss. Thanks to its special construction, the insole is the perfect partner for extensive activities in nature, no matter what terrain you are on.

The insoles stabilize the foot and support its natural movement, the heel cup and decoupled heel cushion the foot in a natural way. The surface also meets extreme demands: It is particularly absorbent and dries quickly. And the high-performance active carbon filter provides additional freshness in the trekking shoe. Vegan.

But above all, the individual fit makes this outdoor equipment a must-have. The sports insole ensures that foot and shoe form a unit and work together perfectly on any terrain. That is why there is a suitable arch height for every type of foot. This is how you can easily determine your foot type.

The pedag Outdoor insoles - so that you can leave everyday life behind, step by step, by step, by step...

Suitable for equipment with climate membrane (TEX).

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