Extra soft splayfoot pad


Super cushioning leather orthotic insole to alleviate & prevent splayfoot & hallux valgus symptoms. Ideal for pumps, high heels, ballerinas and open shoes.

  • cushions the stressed forefoot extra softly
  • alleviating met pad for the transverse arch (splayfoot)
  • vegetable tanned leather sole for pleasant climate in the shoe
  • extra light and thin
  • self-adhesive; holds securely in the shoe thanks to full-surface adhesive foil
  • especially for ladies sizes

Content: 1 Pair

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You love your pumps, but aching feet and burning balls of the foot can sometimes spoil your "irresistible feeling"? The pain is the result of the strain to which the feet are exposed when walking in shoes with high heels.

The splayfoot pad pedag Lady pampers stressed feet by bringing the forefoot into the anatomically correct position and at the same time softly padding it. This relaxes the entire foot and prevents splayfoot complaints. The breathable, vegetable tanned leather also ensures a pleasant climate in the shoe.

The insoles are extra narrow and thin - so they do not wear out and fit perfectly even in shoes with high heels.

Experience pumps as comfortable as never before - with the splayfoot pad pedag Lady.

Suitable for equipment with climate membrane (TEX).

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