Gel metatarsal pad, transparent for open shoes

Feel Good

Transparent invisible splayfoot pad, ideal for sandals & open shoes.

  • cushioning met pad for the splayfoot
  • invisible in the shoe, therefore suitable for open shoes
  • does not add volume, therefore ideal if there is little space in the shoe
  • self-adhesive, washable & reusable
  • suitable as a met pad for changing from shoe to shoe
  • easy positioning, can be corrected at any time after insertion
  • vegan
  • suitable for women and men

Content: 1 Pair

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Feel Good

With a splayfoot, the vegan shoe cushions pedag Feel Good are the perfect first aid, because the name says it all: Just put them in your shoe and you feel good. The shoe cushions pedag Feel Good relieve foot pain and can prevent splayfoot development!

Bye, aching feet! Hello well-being! The self-adhesive gel pads pedag Feel Good support and cushion the foot and are perfect when there is little space in the shoe. Thanks to the transparent gel, the shoe pads are absolutely invisible, even in open sandals. If the adhesive capacity decreases, simply rinse off under clear water and they sit reliably again.

Your feet will jubilate with the discreet gel splayfoot shoe pads!

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