Leather metatarsal pad


Non-bulky splayfoot pad. Perfectly shaped for flat feet, as pedag Drop precisely cushions and supports the transverse arch.

  • cushions the splayfoot precisely
  • gently corrects the transverse arch
  • is not bulky, ideal if there is little space in the shoe
  • made of soft memory foam
  • covered with fine goatskin
  • adheres securely thanks to self-adhesive bottom

Content: 1 Pair

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If you suffer from splayfoot, you are probably no stranger to burning balls of the foot and quickly tiring feet. The trip to the city is finished faster with splayfoot complaints than you had thought. But that doesn't have to be the case. The metatarsal pad pedag Drop made of fine leather with a core of Memory Foam relieves foot pain and can prevent the development of a splayfoot.

The drop-shaped pad supports the anatomically correct position of the metatarsal heads somewhat more at one point than the flatter metatarsal pad pedag T-Form. That is why pedag Drop is particularly suitable for narrow feet and high arches. A metatarsal pad corrects the front arch of the foot and brings relief and relief.

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