pedag Sho Stretch Spray eliminates pressure stencils on the shoe

Shoe Stretch

Stretches leather 75 ml

Your shoe pinches? The leather stretcher pedag Shoe Stretch is the ultimate essence against squeezing shoes. The pump spray gently expands the leather and removes pressure points on leather shoes.

  • pump spray for all leathers
  • eliminates pressure points

Content: 0.075 l (€119.33 / 1 l)

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Shoe Stretch

You just got some new shoes for the current season? But what if the new favourite pieces pinch after the first longer wearing? They often spend most of their time unused in the cupboard. That doesn't have to be the case. The leather stretcher pedag Shoe Stretch removes pressure points permanently from leather shoes in a few minutes - and your shoes fit perfectly. Also ideal for pressure problems caused by a hallux valgus.

Apply pedag Shoe Stretch to the affected areas and walk around for about five minutes. If you want to stretch the shoe more, wear slightly thicker socks. However, they must not be too thick so that the shoe does not deform or become too large.

The moisture softens the leather, deep-acting refatting substances ensure that the leather remains supple after drying. Apply pedag Shoe Stretch sparingly - especially on light-colored leathers - and spray again if the effect is not yet strong enough.

After treatment with the Shoe Stretch, it is best to place the shoes on a shoe tree and let them dry slowly.

Also suitable for shoes with TEX climate membrane.

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