pedag Sho Stretch Spray eliminates pressure stencils on the shoe

Shoe Stretch

Stretches leather 75 ml

Your shoe pinches? The pedag leather extender can help against pressing shoes. The pump spray gently expands the leather and eliminates pressure points on leather shoes.

  • removes pressure marks on leather shoes
  • stretches the leather specifically at the pressure points
  • suitable for all types of leather
  • deeply effective, re-fatting for supple leather
  • pump spray (propellant-free)
  • colorless

Content: 0.075 l (€119.33 / 1 l)

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Shoe Stretch

You just got hold of a pair of new shoes for the current season? But what if the new favorite pieces pinch after the first longer wearing? Then they often spend most of the time unused in the closet. This does not need to be the case. pedag Shoe Stretch removes pressure marks permanently from leather shoes in just a few minutes, and your shoes will fit perfectly. Also ideal for pressure discomfort caused by a hallux valgus.


  • Spray the inside of your shoes with pedag Shoe Stretch and walk in it for five minutes.
  • If you want to stretch the shoe more, wear thicker socks during the stretching process.
  • Repeat the procedure until the pressure point is removed.
  • The moisture of the formula softens the leather, deep-acting refatting substances keep the leather supple after drying.
  • After treatment with the stretcher spray, it is best to place the shoes on a shoe former and allow them to dry slowly. A sturdy wooden shoe tree like pedag Swing is ideal for keeping the dilation of leather.


  • For light-colored, absorbent leathers, use the leather dilation spray sparingly. In this way, you avoid the deep-acting liquid coming from the inside to the outside. It is better to spray again if the effect is not yet sufficient.
  • For very sensitive light leathers, you can also impregnate the upper material to prevent the stretching liquid from soaking through. The pedag impregnator is ideal for this purpose.

Also suitable for shoes with TEX climate membrane.

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