Premium Shoe Polish

Shoe cream 50 ml

This shoe polish has a passion for care. pedag Premium Leather Cream provides intensive care and revives colors - for shoes, well-groomed and as beautiful as on the first day.

  • shoe polish for smooth and grained leathers
  • refreshes colors
  • nourishes the leather
  • protects against moisture and dirt
  • gives a long-lasting shine

Content: 0.05 l (€159.00 / 1 l)

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Premium Shoe Polish

pedag Premium Leather Cream makes tired colors come alive. Color pigments refresh, natural waxes nourish and give shine. Cosmetic oils support the color refreshing effect, keep the leather supple and support the deep effect.

The natural waxes contained in the shoe polish have a slightly impregnating effect and thus protect against moisture and dirt. For perfect protection, we recommend waterproofing with a pedag waterproofer.

Thanks to the sponge applicator, the shoe polish is very easy to apply: A slight pressure on the heel cap of the shoe is enough to release the care. From there pull forwards without pressure and spread the pampering color over the entire shoe.

Brilliant and lasting care with the color booster for your shoes: pedag Premium Leather Cream.

pedag Premium Leather Creme is suitable for:

  • smooth leather
  • grained leathers
  • corresponding materials with TEX climate membranes.
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