Nubuck liquid

Color reviving intensive care 75 ml

pedag Nubuck Liquid provides suede, nubuck leather and textile with everything they need: The conditioning lotion provides intensive and brilliant color intensity, cares deeply and keeps the leather wonderfully soft and supple.

  • Color lotion for suede leather (velour, nubuck) and textiles
  • refreshes colors
  • nourishes the leather
  • different colors available
  • universal aid: colorless is the color freshener for all colors
  • free of solvents

Content: 0.075 l (€106.00 / 1 l)

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Nubuck liquid

Clear the stage for the specialist: pedag Nubuck Liquid pampers suede (suede leather, nubuck leather, velour leather) and textile with intensive conditioning. Thanks to the color-reviving formula, the color of the leather is refreshed and looks like it did on the first day.

After completing step 1 clean, the surfaces of the shoe or bag are ready for step 2 care.
Shake the (closed) bottle well, hold it upside down and press the sponge on the heel of the shoe so that the valve opens. The sponge now absorbs the suede care (if necessary, "pump" more liquid into the sponge by pressing repeatedly).
Apply the lotion evenly with the sponge applicator without pressure. Apply starting at the heel and working down to the toe of the shoe. The leather should absorb the liquid so that the active ingredients take effect deep in the material. Always treat both shoes to avoid color differences after drying.
Allow to dry for 10 minutes at room temperature. Afterwards, straighten the fibres with the suede leather brushes pedag Hand Crepe Brush or pedag Combi Brush for a velvety-soft feeling.

Tip on the color fastness of the material:
Test the color fastness of the leather on a hidden spot. If the upper material already stains strongly when rubbed with a dry cloth or a cloth soaked in water, the liquid care could "wash out" the color pigments. You can avoid this with pedag Nubuck Spray, because it is sprayed relatively dry.

The liquid pedag suede care is suitable for:

  • suede leather (suede, nubuck, suede)
  • textile
  • corresponding materials with TEX climate membranes.

To protect the sensitive suede against rain, dust and stains, impregnate it at the end (care step 3 protect). The impregnation with pedag impregnator not only makes raindrops roll off, but also reduces soiling. This means that dust sticks less and is easier to wipe off.

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