cloth & brush

Lint-free cloth and robust brush: This set is an essential part of care with pedag eco-friendly - with it the care products can be applied optimally.

  • sturdy brush
  • lint-free microfibre cloth

Content: 1 Piece

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The pedag Cleansing Kit is the sustainable care set for a shiny appearance, perfectly matched for the application of the environmentally friendly shoe care pedag eco-friendly. Lasting because the cloth is washable and the robust shoe brush lasts long - especially if you use a separate brush for each color to avoid color smearing.

The lint-free, soft microfibre cloth is highly absorbent, dries quickly and is washable. The cloth is bright so that you immediately see if a wash would do him good. It is perfect for delicate leathers or delicate finishes.

pedag Brush is the right choice for all insensitive materials. The shoe brush has light bristles so you can always see for which color you are using which brush.

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