Shoe tree

The secret weapon for well-groomed men's shoes? The exclusive shoe tree pedag Tango irones out wrinkles and at the same time creates an aromatic and spicy scent in your shoes.

  • the perfect last for men's leather shoes
  • additional spring in the front blade for soft tension
  • Aromatic Red Cedar wood absorbs moisture
  • aromatic fragrance provides freshness
  • smoothes wrinkles, supports shoe care

Content: 1 Pair

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The pedag Tango shoe tree made of Aromatic Red Cedar Wood is a powerful tool when it comes to wrinkle-free shoes. The brass coated spring builds up the necessary tension to bring the shoes into shape and eliminate creases. The adjustable front blade can be ideally adapted to the last shape of the shoe and stretches gently to the side and therefore ensures perfect shaping.

The particularly open-pored Aromatic Red Cedar wood absorbs moisture from the inside of the shoe and also dispels unpleasant odors thanks to the pleasant and typical scent of cedar wood. A fragrance that is pleasant for us, but keeps moths away from leather shoes. If the scent loses its intensity, you can simply roughen the wood with sandpaper and the distinctive scent of the shoe tree is back.

The elegant design of the last convinces even demanding men, the metal knob covered with brass at the heel of the shoe tree underlines this timeless elegance. With this knob you can easily insert the shoe tree into the shoe and remove it again. Also during shoe care you can easily handle the shoe. Shoe trees should always be used during shoe care, so that the active ingredients can also penetrate into the wrinkle

The shoe tree pedag Tango - timeless elegance for leather shoes at their best.

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