Square Universal Sling

Shoe tree

A good choice for women's shoes in square shape: The shoe tree Karree Universal Sling gently smoothes creases.

  • for women's shoes in square shape
  • without spring: also ideal for shoes with open heel
  • absorbs moisture from the shoe
  • especially light, ideal for travelling
  • smoothes wrinkles gently
  • supports shoe care

Content: 1 Pair

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Square Universal Sling

Shoe trees are shoe care from the inside out - they gently smooth creases and help to keep your shoes beautiful and valuable for a long time. The shoe tree pedag Karree Universal Sling is especially suitable for shoes without heel section, strappy shoes or sensitive leather because it has a grip instead of a spring. The soft foam material gently shapes the toe cap and absorbs moisture.

The shoe trees can do even more: they make shoe care easier, because thanks to them the caring and nourishing active ingredients reach into the depths of the creases. And because they are so beautifully light, the shoe trees are also perfect for keeping your shoes in shape when travelling (e.g. stowed in a suitcase).

Shoe tree pedag Karree Universal Sling - for beautiful and neat shoes.

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