Shoe tree

The shoe tree pedag Round is perfect for ladies shoes with normal round or round lasts, e.g. ballerinas and pumps. As Round Comfort for slightly larger shoes.

  • for ladies shoes with normal round last shape
  • foam spiral shoe tree
  • absorbs moisture from the shoe
  • especially light, ideal for travelling
  • smoothes wrinkles gently
  • supports shoe care

Content: 1 Piece

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After a long day your shoes should also be able to switch off. The best way to do this is to put them on the shoe tree immediately after wearing them. The flexible spring of the shoe tree pedag Round Universal and the soft foam keep your shoes gently in shape. They smooth out the wrinkles that appear when you walk and help to keep your shoes beautiful for a long time. The pedag Round Comfort version is ideal for slightly larger/broad shoes.

And not only that: shoe trees are also a real help when it comes to shoe care. Thanks to them, shoe care can penetrate into the depths of the creases and unfold its full effect there. And when the shoes disappear into the closet until the next season, shoe trees ensure that they stay in shape.

pedag Round - beautiful shape for beautiful shoes: until the next day, until the next season!

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