Pointed Sling

Shoe tree

This shoe tree with handle holds slingbacks or open back ladies shoes perfectly in shape. As Spitz Ultra Sling it is perfect for very narrow tips.

  • for women's shoes with pointed lasts
  • without spring: ideal for shoes with open heel
  • absorbs moisture from the shoe
  • especially light, ideal for travelling
  • smoothes wrinkles gently
  • supports shoe care

Content: 1 Pair

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Pointed Sling

If you treat your shoes well, they will thank you for it with a wrinkle-free look, because shoe shapers fight wrinkles and help to preserve the value of your shoes for a long time. pedag Spitz Universal Sling is the perfect choice for open back shoes or slingbacks with a pointed toe cap. pedag Spitz Ultra Sling is ideal for shoes with particularly narrow toe.

The soft foam of the shoe tree fills the tip without overstretching the leather and absorbs the moisture stored in the lining. Soon you won't want to miss the shoe tree any more, because it will also help you with shoe care: The care can penetrate smoothed wrinkles better and unfold its full effect there.

Treat your shoes to a rest - with pointed shoe shapes from pedag. No matter whether they just wait until the next day or until the next season.

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