Shoe tree

Wrinkly was yesterday! The shoe tree pedag Spitz brings women's shoes with pointed toe caps back into perfect shape. As Spitz Ultra for particularly narrow tips.

  • for women's shoes with pointed lasts
  • foam spiral shoe tree
  • absorbs moisture from the shoe
  • especially light, ideal for travelling
  • smoothes wrinkles gently
  • supports shoe care

Content: 1 Pair

Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs



Shoe shapers are the anti-wrinkle cure for your shoes. They iron out creases and thus help to maintain the value of your shoes for a long time. Because wrinkle-free means longer beautiful! The shoe tree pedag Spitz Universal also perfectly fills shoes with pointed toe caps. The soft foam material nestles gently against the leather, the spring of the shoe tree provides the necessary tension. As pedag Spitz Ultra, the shoe tree also takes care of particularly narrow tips.

Shoe trees quickly become basics in your shoe cabinet, because they are also invaluable when it comes to shoe care: they smooth out wrinkles so that care can go anywhere - and on top of that, you can touch your shoes wonderfully by the spring without running the risk of staining your fingers with shoe polish.

Treat your shoes to a revitalising break with pointed shoe shapers from pedag. No matter if only until the next day or until the next season.

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