Jazz Cedar


The Aromatic Red Cedar shoe tree ensures perfectly dosed tension and wrinkle-free shoes. The aromatic scent of the cedar wood dispels moths and brings freshness to the shoe.

  • for shoes of all last shapes
  • screw can be adjusted with millimetre precision
  • Aromatic Red Cedar wood absorbs moisture
  • aromatic fragrance provides freshness
  • smoothes wrinkles, supports shoe care

Content: 1 Pair

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Jazz Cedar

This screw last shoe tree ensures shoes in top form, because the finely graduated screw mechanism can be adjusted to the length of your shoe with millimetre precision. This allows you to set the best possible tension for wrinkle-free shoes. The front blade of the shoe tree is suitable for shoes with a normal last shape.

Shoe trees made of Aromatic Red Cedar wood not only ensure beautiful shoes from the outside, the inner values also count: The open-pored wood absorbs moisture and helps the shoe dry. In addition, it exudes the typical aromatic scent and thus ensures freshness in the shoe. Moths, however, don't like the pleasant scent - thanks to the shoe shaper pedag Jazz Cedar they stay away from your favourite shoes. Once the aromatic power has diminished, it can be reactivated by roughening the wood with fine sandpaper.

Shoe shapers are also indispensable when it comes to shoe care: the care can penetrate better into the creases smoothed with their help and fully unfold its effect. For well groomed shoes all around.

A shoe tree belongs to beautiful shoes - pedag Jazz Cedar.

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