Ceramic sole - more grip on snow & black ice


The discreet alternative when spikes for shoes, shoe chains or snow chains are too complicated. Gives traction on frozen surfaces and is ideal in urban areas with changing soils. With Sandy, you can go from the snowy street to the store, get into the cab or bus without worrying - without having to remove the anti-skid inside.

  • grippy sole for snow & black ice
  • slip protection with ceramic grip surface
  • fits discreetly to the sole of the shoe like a second sole
  • hardly noticeable
  • can be kept on in bus & stores
  • easy to put on and take off thanks to the elastic & robust natural rubber
  • with box for storage after wearing perfect in your bag on the go

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Sandy ceramic grip sole

"Attention danger of slipping ..."
... so it comes again and again in winter. Even if it affects in our latitudes rather few days a year, the risk of accidents should not be underestimated. This applies not only to cars and cyclists, but especially to pedestrians.

Make shoes additionally slip-proof
When icy temperatures mean slippery roads and sidewalks, it is good to be prepared. The pedag anti-slip Sandy and Spikes help to move forward more safely on snow and black ice. Thanks to the elastic natural rubber, both are easy to put on under your shoes and just as quick to take off again.

Orthopedists warn regularly
The importance of slip-resistant footwear is shown by the regular news about the sharp increase of serious falls and broken bones in slippery weather. You can prevent this by wearing shoes with non-slip sole and pedag anti-slip devices.

What is the right choice - Sandy or Spikes?
Sandy is perfect for urban areas. In the city, you walk on different surfaces all the time. You can do that perfectly with Sandy without having to take them off every time. You can comfortably put on the grip sole at home, walk through the stairwell, move with due caution on the slippery sidewalk, go shopping in stores, get on the train or bus and continue walking outside again. While spikes would damage indoor floors, you can keep ceramic anti-slip on indoors. Only wood flooring is too delicate for it.

The Spikes are perfect if you're going off and just want to move around outside. The steel pins of the spikes, stainless of course, drill into the ice for better grip. Outdoors, this is wonderful, but indoors, of course, it puts a strain on flooring and should definitely be avoided.

Am I invulnerable with anti-slip devices?
It would be nice, but of course ice and snow remain treacherous. If you were to rely solely on your wonderful slip guard, you would actually be increasing your risk of falling!

The fact is, these aids give you better grip on slippery, icy floors. However:

  • take your time walking,
  • don't be in a hurry to get back to the warm & dry quickly,
  • avoid swinging movements, always keep your balance,
  • do not step hard on the heel, but with the whole sole of the foot (this avoids nasty falls backwards),
  • walk leaning forward (this gives more control),
  • wear gloves, because it's better to be able to hold on or support yourself in case of a fall (you can't do that if your hands are buried in your coat pockets because of the cold).

How long does Sandy last?
That depends, of course, on how much and on what surfaces you walk.

Basically, Sandy can easily last one to two seasons if you walk mainly on snow and ice. The longer distances you walk on stone, the more wear and tear will naturally occur.

To ensure that you can enjoy safe walking for as long as possible, make sure that the anti-slip device is fitted well and tightly. If the rubber is too loose, it could pop off due to the rolling motion of walking. So, make sure to pull the rubber loops well over the toe cap of the shoe as well as the heel.

Does the slip guard need care?
To enjoy your slip guard for a long time, you should rinse it regularly with water to remove snow and dirt residues. Let it dry outside the packaging and then store it again. To keep pedag Sandy handy, always keep a pair in your handbag or in the glove compartment of your car.

Non-slip: safe on the road despite snow and black ice
pedag Sandy is also a practical gift. Good for sure.

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