Beim Ausstanzen des Leders, nutzen wir die Rohstoffe optimal aus.


Passion for quality – pedag's corporate philosophy

Since its beginnings in 1955, Schelchen GmbH has focused on people. According to the founder Hartmut Schelchen's vision, the products should really benefit the customer. Influenced by the experiences of the war and the time of construction afterwards, he already wanted an optimal working atmosphere for his employees and sustainability in the production of high-quality products.

pedag has preserved this corporate philosophy up to the present day: we are proud of our high-quality products and we place our focus on people – it’s all about you!

Viva-praegen_975-504The production of our insoles is genuine handcraft.


pedag takes care of your feet and shoes

People walk, stand, and run – for most of us, this is just everyday business. But once walking becomes harder or even painful, you see how precious healthy feet really are. There is an immense variety of foot-related issued such as heel spurs, burning sensation in the ball of the foot, hammer toes, fallen arches, splayfeet and flat feet. About 80 percent of the population suffer from foot disorders. For more than 60 years we’ve been looking after your feet and shoes. Our aspiration is as simple as complete: we want to offer just the best quality and the best products to our customers. That’s what we work for – day by day.


High-quality products guarantee well-being

Our pedag products make you feel comfortable with every step you take, every day. The different departments of our company – research and development, production and sales – are all located at the same place. By closely cooperating within our network of pre-suppliers and experts, we keep on increasing our know-how. That enables us to be frequently one step ahead in terms of innovation and quality. One of the many proves for this is the first odour-preventing activated carbon filter that is not based on latex that we developed. Together with orthopaedists, we research on the field of anatomic foot supports. Experienced chemists help us create a new and eco-friendly waterproofer. All materials we use have been carefully selected, favoritely eco-friendly and often hand-assembled.

Naehen-Handarbeit_975-504Every single employee works with the utmost care.


Made in Germany – sustainable & responsible

pedag products are mainly made in Germany. That’s how we guarantee our outstanding pedag quality. In spite of the fact that Schlechen GmbH is a global player, we are still an owner-managed company that combines traditional values and long term market concepts driven by innovation.


Contented employees are the key to high quality

We are aware of the fact that our employees are the greatest asset of the company. That’s one of the reasons why we’re concerned about them. As much as we offer wellness and health to our customers, we like to support our employees to prevent the most current lifestyle diseases like back problems and cardiovascular complaints. That’s why our production site in Königs-Wusterhausen, just outside the German capital Berlin, has a park like surrounding that entices our employees to actively use their breaks. We also offer a fully equipped gym and therapeutic massages where they can workout and relax before or after work. That’s how we want to create a relaxing working environment that helps our employees to find a balance between recreation and their highly demanding and professional job.

Gruenes-Firmengelaende_975-504The natural environment at our company's site near Berlin.


pedag – a strong partner with efficient network

The close and cooperative cooperation with customers and business partners in Germany and all over the world is an important part of pedag's corporate philosophy. Thanks to our wide range of products, customers will find the right solution for (almost) every problem. That's what we work for. Every day and with the greatest passion.