Leather 1/2

Leather half insoles

You have an intermediate size and often can't find the right shoes? The classic leather half insole compensates for intermediate sizes and ensures a perfect fit.

  • cushions the forefoot
  • compensates for intermediate sizes
  • for perfect fit with wide shoes
  • effective against foot odor
  • vegetable tanned sheepskin

Content: 1 Pair

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Leather 1/2

You have just discovered your new favourite shoes - but they are too small and too big again in the next size! With the leather half insoles pedag Leather 1/2 half things become whole, because they help to balance intermediate sizes. And even if the shoes become further in the course of their life or if you have narrow feet the half insoles provide for perfect fit.

The upper side of the half insoles is made of fine, vegetable tanned leather. It is breathable and absorbs the moisture that develops during the day, especially in the forefoot area. This also protects shoes and stockings! The active carbon filter incorporated in the latex binds foot odor, the latex cushions the foot.

Uncomplicated yet effective: The leather half insoles pedag Leather 1/2 for size compensation.

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