Heel spur bed

Point Plus

With heel spurs, stabbing pain in the heel can make walking a pain. The special heel bed with two-zone relief can alleviate the painful heel. The firm heel edge (white) supports the body weight, while the central soft cushion (pink) specifically cushions the pain point.

  • can relieve punctual heel pain
  • suitable for heel spur and Achilles tendon complaints
  • the pink-colored soft latex cushion gently cushions the pain point, while the firm heel rim (white) absorbs the weight
  • the latex pad (pink) can be easily removed for complete spur relief
  • the diagonal orientation of the soft pad alleviates all common heel spur positions
  • with relief of the plantar fascia
  • can be fixed in the shoe thanks to the self-adhesive point

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Point Plus

With heel spurs, the inflamed heel reacts very sensitively to pressure and strain - especially in the morning after getting up or after prolonged sitting, the occurrence can be very painful. The self-adhesive special heel bed pedag Point Plus relieves heel spurs, tendons and joints and can thus relieve discomfort and keep pain to a minimum.

The anatomical shape of the heel spur cushion relieves the heel spur particularly effectively. The special heel bed is made of elastic and shock-absorbing foam rubber. In the area of the spur the heel is additionally padded with an extra soft latex cushion. This area can be removed if necessary - the heel spur is thus hollowed out and painful pressure is significantly reduced.

The heel-spur bedding should not be worn permanently. The use of a soft pad is indicated as soon as the inflammation has abated. Persons engaged in sports should then preferably wear a special heel support constantly, at least though during the first weeks after the abatement of the symptoms. Recommendable heel supports are pedag Perfect, pedag Stabil and pedag Ultra Heel.

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