Outer edge elevation

Correct Plus

Unevenly worn down heels? The straight stepper pedag Correct gently corrects the step - even if you are prone to knock knees or bow legs.

  • prevents unevenly worn heels
  • stabilizes the heel
  • anatomically shaped
  • with tendency to knock knees or bow legs
  • vegetable tanned sheepskin

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Correct Plus

For whom is a pronation wedge suitable?

You should only wear a pronotation wedge if your doctor determines that an outer rim elevation is necessary due to ankle, knee or hip problems.

Is a custom footbed with built-in outer rim elevation from an orthopedist better?

Basically, a custom-made foot support has its advantages, of course, but it does not fit into every shoe. The advantage of pedag Correct Plus is that it takes up less space in the shoe. This way, you can achieve the necessary outer rim elevation even in shoes with a narrower last.

Can I wear the wedge under another sole?

If there is enough space in the shoe and you put a soft, flexible cushion sole over the wedge, then it is possible. You should avoid putting a firm footbed on the wedge. If a stable longitudinal arch support is skewed by the raised edge, then that could be counter-productive. But you'll feel that right away, too.

Made in Germany - handmade & natural

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