Vegan insoles

Vegan insoles

The vegan lifestyle is still on everyone's lips. More and more people decide on giving up all animal products – not only concerning food but also when it comes to shoes, clothing, furniture & accessories. pedag takes account of this trend offering a wide range of vegan insoles and foot supports – for summer, winter, sports and leisure time.

The majority of our insoles and foot supports are made of natural materials – including leather. The reason for this is simple: Leather is a natural product with a unique character and excellent properties. Leather is a very resilient material: it can bear our weight and it resists the strain when walking on it and even the sweat that our feet produce. Leather is absorbent, breathable and hard-wearing.

However, especially in shoe fashion producers are creating more and more sophisticated high-quality alternatives to leather. But even faux leather shoes are not necessarily 100 percent vegan as there are still other components, for example the glue, that can contain animal products. Of course there are fully vegan alternatives, consumers just have to take a closer look. 

Vegan insoles

pedag offers its customers a wide range of fully vegan products. Among them there are insoles made of natural materials like sisal fiber, cotton, bamboo fiber and jute felt, insoles made of functional fiber for sports and exercise and fleece insoles for warm feet in winter. These premium materials add extra comfort to your shoes thanks to its special properties: they are absorbent, cushioning and extremely breathable. The following list shows a selection of our vegan insoles for summer, winter, sports and leisure time. 

Vegan summer insoles

pedag Deo Fresh
cushioning insole with cotton terry cloth and sisal fibers.
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pedag Bamboo Deo
ultra-thin insole with bamboo fibers.
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pedag Viva® Summer
relieving foot support with cotton terry cloth, sisal fibers and silver.
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Vegan sports insoles

pedag Power
competition foot support for perfect force transmission.
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pedag Energy
endurance insole with shock absorbing properties.
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pedag Outdoor
touring insole with jute felt for extensive outdoor activities.
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Vegan insoles for active leisure time

pedag Viva Sport®
relieving foot support with functional fiber and high-tech foam.
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pedag Active
cushioning insole with functional fiber and strong latex active carbon filter.
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pedag. Vegan insoles all year round.

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