Tips against cold feet

Tips against cold feet

When snow and ice cover the country like a blanket and turn it into a winter wonderland there are many people who do not enjoy themselves at all. Of course, children can't wait to go outside and play in the snow. Many adults, however, would rather stay at home – it's far too cold out there! But you might enjoy going outside again – with our tips that help you stay warm this winter. 

Why do we feel cold?

As soon as it gets colder, many people suffer from freezing feet. The reason for this is a simple protection mechanism: our body is programmed to protect all vital organs and therefore the blood flow is focused on the brain and the organs. In contrast, the blood vessels of our limbs contract, reducing the blood flow in our hands and feet, leaving them to freeze quickly in winter. The only thing you can do about it: dress warmly when you go outside.


Exposing yourself to the cold helps your body withstand the cold. So go outside! Even in winter! When going back inside into the warmth our blood vessels widen and our body feels pleasantly warm. Hot and cold showers or walking a few steps barefoot through the snow can also help freezing less as those things condition our body. And they keep us fit and strengthen our immune system. 

Movement keeps warm

Another crucial thing to fight feeling cold: practicing sports! Even better: practicing sports outside. It stimulates the blood flow and keeps the blood pressure at the right level. As a consequence, we freeze less. So why don't hop off the bus one stop earlier and walk the rest of the way home? Or take the stairs instead of the elevator? To avoid slipping and sliding on ice-covered streets, use one of our slip protectors like pedag Spikes. The studs give you a secure hold on snow and ice. 

Warmly dressed from head to toe

People who are frequently outside in winter should wear appropriate clothes. And this already starts with the underwear! Thermal underwear, that many people wear when skiing, is very comfortable to wear and keeps the heat right at the body. At the same time, it is breathable and transfers the moisture away from the body - the skin stays dry.

We lose most of our body heat through the head? That’s actually an urban myth, even if it is a persistent one. The truth is that we lose heat through every uncovered bit of our body. So wearing a hat in winter in still a good idea (the same applies to wearing gloves and a scarf). A hat made of pure wool and lined with soft fleece keeps the head warm in a natural way and due to the lining it is not scratchy and comfortable to wear.


But what can we do about cold feet? No matter if inside or outside: thermal socks are always a good idea to keep feet warm. Make sure that you always wear comfortable and warm shoes with thick soles. The tighter your shoes are the colder your feet get. Never wear shoes that constrain the blood circulation. Moreover, shoes should always be wide so that there is an insulating layer of air between the inner and the foot. Thermo insoles keep your feet extra warm; you have the choice between insoles made of pure wool like pedag Viva® Winter, pedag Pascha and pedag Merino or insoles made of functional fibers. 

  • pedag Viva Winter is a foot support with wool and aluminium cold protector 
  • pedag Pascha is the teddy among winter insoles, slightly thicker and made of cozy lambskin and cork – pure nature.
  • pedag Merino is ultra-thin also ideal in the intermediate season – it keeps the foot cool in warm temperatures and warm in winter.

Hot tips against cold feet

  1. Always wear thick and warming socks – i.e. made from wool or thermic materials.
  2. Regularly enjoy warming foot baths, ideally with some drops of rosemary essential oil (or other therapeutic oils).
  3. Take hot-cold showers or regular baths in cold water (16 to 18°C/ 60 to 65 °F). Not only does this keep you fit, but it improves your blood flow, which is the most effective measure to fight cold feet.
  4. Foot rubs also improve the blood flow and the friction brings additional heat to cold feet.
  5. Another good tip to improve the circulation: regularly practice foot gymnastics. A perfect measure also for people working in offices, as feet frequently get cold when sitting still.

pedag. Keeps you warm in Winter. 

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