Sustainable products

Sustainable products

The environment is a topic close to your heart and a sustainable lifestyle is important for you? You are not alone with that. More and more people opt for the more environmentally friendly product if they have the choice. Therefore we at pedag make sure to use raw materials that do not pollute man and nature. For it is our responsibility to preserve the environment for future generations.

Sustainable use of resources is part of our philosophy since the founding of the company. But especially for shoe care, it is often difficult to find a healthy balance between what is technically possible and pro-environmental behavior. In the pedag waterproofers we achieved this: They are based on the innovative and eco-friendly C6 technology and are still more efficient than conventional silicone waterproofers. pedag waterproofers are PFOS- and PFOA-free and therefore protect humans and nature.

eco-friendly shoe care

The next logical step was the development of a whole eco-friendly shoe care line. It is a revolutionary milestone in the field of shoe care, with which we take account of our great responsibility and provide consumers with sustainable and biologically harmless and highly innovative care products", Thomas Timm (CEO Schelchen GmbH) describes the project.

  • 100 % free of solvents
  • biodegradable
  • 100 % free of Fluorcarbon (PFC)
  • for indoor use


Natural resources

pedag prefers the use of natural materials from renewable resources and sustainable management philosophy for today to help ensure a cleaner environment in the future. All our manufacturing of insoles and shoe trees we prefer the use of renewable resources.

The summer insole pedag Bamboo Deo for example is a sustainable alternative to many disposable insoles. pedag Bamboo Deo is sustainable as it is long-lasting and washable by hand and it never loses its anti-bacterial properties, not even after washing it 100 times.

  • Bamboo is a natural and fast-growing natural resource.
  • Bamboo can be grown without using pesticides.
  • Bamboo is eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Is it especially leather, wool, bamboo, sisal and cork we use for our insoles and foot supports, we favor wood for our shoe trees. Because wood shoe trees conserve resources twice: first wood is known to be a renewable resource, and second pedag wooden shoe trees last for a lifetime.

These are some examples of our efforts to secure the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations.

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